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04 June 2011 @ 01:27 am
[Info] About INU Drama OST !  
Konichiwa ^____^ 

While i was patiently  stalking  waiting for the OST of "Inu wo Kau to Iu Koto " Drama XD ,just because i really loved it so much & was hoping to fully listen to it when it will be released 
- Yeah, at some point i had doubts that they may not release one ! *teary eyes* -

finally i found info about it in CDJapan ,The original Soundtrack which was composed by composer Sawada Kan-san <3 ,will be released
on 29- Jun - 2011 (in the end of this month ^^ )

and here is the tracklist & pre-order links in case there was someone looking for them like i was ^^ 

Tracklisting - in both Kanji & Romaji -  :

01.     犬を飼うということ    \  INU WO KAU TO IU KOTO
02.     モノローグ    \  MONOLOGUE
03.     本郷家のブルース   \  HONGOUKE NO BLUES
04.     スカイのいる新生活  \   SKY NO IRU SIN SEIKATSU
05.     リストラの宣告  \   RISUTORA NO SENKOKU
06.     明日へ    \ ASU HE
07.     I'm Lost   
08.     約束の時    \  YAKUSOKU NO TOKI
09.     主婦's wars!   \  SHUFU`S WARS!
10.     My Home (ハーモニカVer.)   \  My Home (Harmonica Ver. )
11.     誓い    \  CHIKAI
12.     夜空に願いを    \  YOZORA NI NEGAI WO
13.     I'm Lost (ピアノ・ソロVer.)   \  I`m Lost (Piano Ver.)
14.     保健所にて    \  HOKENJO NITE
15.     日だまりの場所   \  HIDAMARI NO BASHO
16.     過去と未来  \   KAKO TO MIRAI
17.     命のカウントダウン  \   INOCHI NO COUNTDOWN
18.     スカイが教えてくれたこと  \  SKY GA OSHIETE KURETA KOTO
19.     犬を飼うということ (リフレイン) \    INU WO KAU TO IU KOTO (Refrain)
Credit to CDJapan

Pre - order Links :

CDJapan : HERE \\ YesAsia : HERE \\  Amazon : HERE \\  HMV : HERE

(if there any other E-shops you want to inform us about please do
^_^   ) 

* Yay~~ for Track no.10 ^O^,i was hoping they will include those lovely versions of "My Home" that were played during the drama <3 ^ ^ ,but i can't  to find the instrumental \ piano ver. of it T____T,i hope it's there with another title or something *teary eyes* ,it was really amazing  <3

Have a lovely day everyone <3
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music: My Girl OST
Lili: pic#Ryo Chancolors_of_joy on June 13th, 2011 11:38 am (UTC)
You are very welcome <3 ^O^

i hope we will enjoy the OST soon ,Yosh~ i'm so excited about it from now already ^___^
such a sweet OST for heartwarming drama <3

Have a lovely day ^___^
tikkiko: deartikkiko on June 14th, 2011 02:15 pm (UTC)
my home is such a sweet song match to a drama.
i did fall in love with both drama and this song.

Have a sweet lovely day.